Introspections explores the introspective and retrospective side of James Adler. This CD features works by James Adler: the President’s Own United States Marine Corps Chamber Orchestra performs Suite Moderne for Strings, cellist Eugene Moye and oboist Virgina Brewer perform Suite for Michael, tenor saxophonist David R. Babich performs Twisted Tango, and flutist Cain-Oscar Bergeron performs Six Little Variations on Noel Ancien, Also featured are several works written for Mr. Adler: Kevin Cummines’ Three Works for James Adler, selections from Seth Bedford’s Three Postcards for Piano, and Paul Turok’s Clarinet Sonata with clarinetist Alexander Fiterstein. The CD concludes with the song-cycle 3 Introspections with music by James Adler, Lyric by David Cote, and performed with baritone Malcolm J. Merriweather and oboist Virginia Brewer.

A simple, accessible approach to music is held up by continual invention and development of ideas melodic and rhythmic. — American Record Guide
Adler is a sensitive man who uses music to go beyond the small human feelings that sometimes unwittingly determine our own lives. — Sonograma
I truly enjoyed the poignant and lovely Psalm for Michael…a truly touching work. — Audiophile Audition
…loves the sinuous polyphony of “Psalm for Michael” and “3 Introspections” as well as the “Piazzolliano” “Twisted Tango.” The language is mostly tonal, formally impeccable and expressively concentrated. — Kathodik