What Shall I Sing?

What Shall I Sing? was commissioned by the Cheektowaga Community Chorus and Christina R. Shrewsbury, Music Director in celebration of The Cheektowaga Millennium Youth Chorus March 2000 Festival Jamboree. This is a short, four-movement composition for young voices (Soprano, Alto) with optional clarinet in two of the movements. The first movement (Sing, Sing) is a lively gigue in 6/8; it is followed by a movement in 5/8 (Fiddle-De-Dee). The third movement (Monday’s Child) sets a much different tone with its haunting, simple melody. The sutie concludes with a rousing round (As I Was Going Along) back in a 6/8 tempo.

Sound recordings linked here are by the Fox Valley Children’s Chorus (Batavia, IL), under the direction of Daniele Bruhn, at a live concert on April 27, 2014.

Purchasing Information
What Shall I Sing? is published by Colla Voce Music.

Monday’s Child, the suite’s third movement, is available as a separate octavo.

Download the PDF file .