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SALE! Buy all three pieces for Flute and Piano (Elegy for Norman, Romance a la francaise, and Six Variations on Noel Ancien) and save 20%.

Most music from the AdlerOaks Music Library is sold as PDF files that you download and print on your personal computer. Note that music for Flute and Piano is not sold as PDFs; they are sold as physical scores/parts and will be mailed to you.

Please note that all music remains under copyright. Your purchase of music delivered as a PDF permits you to print a single copy from the PDF file; you may not re-distribute the PDF file in any way nor print out multiple copies from the PDF (except when necessary in the case of instrumental parts as indicated in specific pieces).

We ask that you respect this policy; in the same way that buying a single octavo of sheet music and copying for your entire choir is illegal, so too is buying a single PDF download of music from our website and printing out multiple copies for use.

For inquiries about our products, please contact us.

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